A Trip to the East Coast in December 2013

Some pictures from the East Coast in December.

Another day brings a different variety of birds, some from Harwood Dale where we saw some 21 Waxwings. Then down on to North Marine Drive where we saw a Peregrine Falcon. There are a pair that nest regular olong there and if you go to lampost 56 and look towards the top of the cliff you will see them.

Scarborough Harbour

This Wednesday 11th December again took us to the harbour at Scarborough where we saw the Great Northern Diver, a very rare bird in this area. The largest of the UK's divers, it has a bigger, heavier head and bill than its commoner relatives. It is largely a winter visitor to our shores although some non-breeding birds stay off northern coasts in the summer.
They start to arrive offshore in August and birds move back to their largely Icelandic breeding grounds in April and May.

On the outside of the harbour were some Porpoise although we did not photograph them, also was a solitary Eider Duck.