A Day out at the East Coast

Our first port of call was at Filey Dams: The last remaining freshwater marsh of any size in the area, Filey Dams is a magnet for migratory birds but is also a haven for plants, small mammals and amphibians. 

This was our first stop and we were not disappointed as it turned up a few interesting birds and even the fox displaying.

Scalby Mills at Scarborough was our next port of call where we were treated to the Widgeons feeding in the fresh water area. Also on display was a wonderful Heron, although a long way off so not a brilliant picture.

Our last port of call was on the way out of Scarborough at the Mere where we were told there was a Manadrin Duck, we did not see this even after walking around the large lake, however we did se a Cormorant. Sadly, if you look closely you will see fishing line hanging out of its mouth.


Britains cormorants are said to consume 23,000 pounds of fish a day, including young salmon, silver fish, eels & trout.