Yorkshire Marathon Runs Through Sand Hutton

Yorkshire Marathon Runners Coming Through Sand Hutton

More than 6,000 runners took part in a new marathon in York organised by the family of Jane Tomlinson. Fortunately for us the 26.2 mile route ran through Sand Hutton where all the locals were able to enjoy the spectacular sight of all the runners pounding through the village via Upper Helmsley road, down the Main Street turning right into Stamford Bridge Road heading off towards  Stamford Bridge. The race started and finished at York University.

Edwin Korir, from Kenya, won the men's race in two hours and 13 minutes.

A few facts from "The Press"

  • More than 800 volunteers will be on duty to ensure all those taking part have a safe and enjoyable time
  • Thirty-one runners will celebrate their birthday on the day of the marathon
  • The oldest runner taking part in the first Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon is 77 years, four months and 20 days
  • The youngest is 18 years, one month, and two days
  • There will be three miles of barrier and 2,000m of banners out on the course
  •  There will be 57,900 bottles of water on the course
  •  It is reckoned a ten-stone woman running ten-minute miles will burn some 2,777 calories during a marathon
  •  Runners are coming from as far away as the US, Germany, Australia, Bahamas, Canada, France, Ireland, New Zealand and Switzerland
  •  Elite runner John Mutai, from Kenya, has a personal best of two hours 11 minutes
  •  There are nine entertainment spots along the route
  • The race was expected to raise more than £1.3m for charities, organisers said.


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