The 30th

Sand Hutton, Claxton & District

Village Show  - 2013


This was a really good year for entries with over 60 exhibitors taking part. The hall looked lovely with all the fruit, veg, flowers, baking , photographs and craft work on display. I hope visitors took the opportunity to take a look at the school entry of the ‘best cheesy jokes’. There were some real groaners and rib ticklers. The jokes will be in the hall for some time to give you all the opportunity to admire the childrens work.


The judges were very impressed with the standard of the entries and took their time deciding who the deserving winners were, but taking the time to write helpful comments for others who weren’t quite so lucky this time round.


The cheese tasting was enthusiastically attended and it was no surprise to find that the original Chedder from Somerset was way out in front in the taste stakes.


If any one has a suggestion for next years taste trial do let the Show Committee know.


The trophy winners are as follows:


Dean Trowel for best vegetable                                  Ken Spaven

Freda Goodrick Trophy for best fruit                            Fiona Davies

Spaven Trophy for Best flower                                    Anne white

Gordon Gordon shield for best cookery item                 Rich Hall

Jackson Trophy for best handicraft                              Ann Walker

Dixon Cup for best childrens exhibit                            Rosie Newbould

Shackleton Plate - most points in flower classes           Anne White

W.I. Cup                                                                   Linda Spaven

                                                             Runner Up - Helen Webster

Parish cup for most points overall                                Linda Spaven

                                                             Runner Up - Caroline Hall

Moss Pike Trophy – most points in ‘cheese’ classes       

                                                         Joint winners - Joy Pearce/Linda Spaven


The trophies will distributed shortly when they are back from the engravers.


Winners in special ‘cheese’ themed classes awarded chocolate cows:

Cheesy flower arrangement                                       Joy Pearce

Cheese Scones                                                         Ann Selby

Cheese Straws                                                         Joy Pearce

Cheesecake                                                             Laura Edwards

Cheese                                                                   Viv Tidball

Lemon Cheese                                                         Ann Selby

Cheesy Photo                                                          Linda Spaven

Cheese Animal                                                        Rosie Newbould


The auction went very well with some determined bidders who helped to raise one of the best ever totals for the auction, at just under £200. The Show this year raised a grand total of £651.30.


Thank you to everyone who came to the show, whether in an exhibitors role, or visiting and helping it to go with a swing, and especially to all those who helped in a hundred and one ways. It couldn’t happen without everyone playing their part.


Special thanks to Bill Heath for photographing all the winning entries and displaying them so promptly on the web. I hope you’ve taken a peep and been inspired to have a go next year.


And a final thank you to Rachel Hirst who kindly lent us the bunting from the knit and natter group with which we decorated the hall. I think it deserved it’s own special prize of longest piece of French knitting EVER!


Regards from the Show committee:

Fiona Davies, Caroline Hall , Deborah Bayley, Lorraine Holmes


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