Wednesday 14th July - Time: 7.30pm - Sand Hutton Village

A talk by some of our local residents who have seen the villages from being a children, growing up and working in the area.


Despite the miserable weather there was a large turn out to listen to members of our village’s reminisce of things that happened to them over the years in Claxton & Sand Hutton.

We were treated to a wealth of information from our guest speakers:


Jenny Whiteley   -   Brian & Dot Mills   -   Alan Kerridge

Dot gave a potted history of her life in Claxton and while she was at school. Alan remarkably gave details of virtually everybody who lived in Sand Hutton and his escapadesat school. This was followed by Brian who turned his hand to many things over the years including re-building the well back in the 70’s to make it safe. While they were at it they put in a time capsule including tapes of Sand Hutton School children singing, coins of the time, Evening Press’s plus numerous items that hopefully people will find in the future.

Jenny gave a potted history of her life and told us a remarkable story of how she only started serious farming when she was 40. There were tales from the foreign farm workers that they had which ended up polluting the Claxton Pond, also to them being the first people in the district to have a combined harvester whereby considerable crowds gathered to watch this new machine.

One of the most amusing stories (& there were many) that came out that evening was that when Alan was at Siskinson Farm he asked one of the electricity workers who was erecting the pylons at the time to climb the pylon and take a photograph of the farm, he did it for £1. At the time Edward Wicks was with him and Edward thought that this was a good idea and went and got his camera and asked the pylon man if he paid a pound would he do the same for him as his farm was in the background, no problem said the climber. So off he climbed to the top of the pylon to take the photo. When he descended he took the pound and handed over the camera, Edward to his dismay had forgotten to put a film in!!!

Jenny Whiteley - Alan Kerridge - Brian Mills - Dot Mills