Defibrillator Instructions

In an emergency you must first call 999 for an ambulance, they will talk you through what to do and give you the location of your nearest Defibrillator and a code to open the Defibrillator cabinet.


At night always carry a torch so you can see the keyboard on the cabinet lock.

1.  Get your nearest community defibrillator:

2.  Place the AED next to the patient so the lid is on top.

3.  Open the AED lid.

4.  Wait until the small green lights illuminate.

 Follow the audio and/or text instructions, attaching the electrodes.

 Keep following the instructions given until the ambulance or other medical help arrives.


Note: If you are hard of hearing there is a clear text display giving clear written instructions.

Do not be afraid - you can’t do anything wrong.


An A5 leaflet will have be delivered to your door giving full instructions, please read and look after this leaflet. If you loose it then please contact us and we will supply a replacement.


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