PhotoReflections: Photography that speaks volumes

Welcome to PhotoReflections, a website created to show what happens in and around Claxton and Sand Hutton as well as photographs taken out and about. . .  mainly bird and garden images. You will find these under the "PhotoReflection Gallery"


Defibrillators are now in use in both villages (Claxton & Sand Hutton) and more information with various downloads and links are available.


The "Claxton and Sand Hutton Heritage Group" is shown here listing events and past activities.

We hope to record past records here to share with everybody.
Should you have anything that you would like to contribute towards our Heritage we would be most grateful to receive storys and pictures.


If you are interested in the Sand Hutton Light Railway then take a look at this section as it now lists a valuable book all about it.


PhotoReflections Gallery: We have a Gallery and community area where we display photographs. Take a look at the list of village events or where we have been to enjoy the pictures.

Please send in any photographs that you would like to share;

we will put them up on the website for all to view.


Spotted Flycatcher photographed in our garden



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 Its just like Aladdin's Cave!


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