FERA Parking & Cycle Storage Scheme

for Claxton & Sand Hutton Residents

laura Edwards & Mike Wray

There was a ribbon cutting ceremony at the FERA car park on Wednesday 23rd March where Helen Wood, Leader of the Parish Plan working group cut the ribbon with Mike Wray Director of Operations at FERA into the new parking area.


The picture shows Laura Edwards Clerk to the Parish Council receiving the passes that everybody will be issued with when using the services.


Members of the Parish were there and they were shown around the new car park and cycle facilities as well as the new £3 million work complex being set up for new businesses.


The new visitors car park, gate house and cycle storage at the FERA science labs in Sand Hutton will open on the 1st April 2011.


Claxton & Sand Hutton residents will be able to benefit from the cycle storage and some car park spaces to make it easier to catch Coastliner bus services.


Read below for the full details.


FERA Parking and Cycle Storage Scheme for Claxton and Sand Hutton Residents


On the 1st April 2011, FERA will open their new visitor car park, cycle storage and gate house facilities at the science laboratories near the A64, Sand Hutton. As part of this development, local residents will have the opportunity to use cycle storage and car parking spaces at the site so that they can park and then use the Coastliner bus services. This is a really positive development and is the result of the efforts of FERA personnel and the persistence of members of the Parish Plan Working Group with active support from the Parish Council.


Secure Bicycle Storage – available all week and weekends


At the end of Sand Hutton Lane and in front of the visitors’ car park, there is a covered cycle rack which can be used by local resident to store their bicycles. CCTV will cover the car park and cycle racks so the storage is secure but it is still the responsibility of individuals to use bike locks etc. This facility is available on both weekdays and weekends and you do not need to report to the gatehouse if you are just leaving a bicycle. Some of the Coastliner bus services now pull into the FERA entrance rather than just stopping on the A64 so it should be even easier to hop from bike to bus.


Secure Car Parking Spaces – available at weekends


FERA has offered local residents the chance to use 10 car parking spaces in the visitors’ car park at weekends.  A weekend is considered to start at 6pm Friday evening and finish at 6am Monday morning so it is a generous time slot. This is a great opportunity, especially for those with bus passes, to travel into York from FERA or even take a trip to the seaside on the Coastliner.  As it is a government laboratory facility, FERA has to maintain strict security and so to use this facility, you will first need to register. This is simple, however, as we have arranged with FERA that you just need to submit your name, full address and car registration number to Laura Edwards, Parish Clerk. You need to live within the parishes of Claxton or Sand Hutton to qualify. The Clerk will maintain a confidential master spreadsheet of those details and will liaise with the Security staff at FERA. So the process is:-


  1. Register your name, full address and car registration number with the Parish Clerk
  2. On the weekend you wish to park and catch the bus, drive up to the gatehouse and report to reception. They will check your details and then issue you with a numbered pass. Then park in the visitors’ car park with pass on display.
  3. When you leave, please return the pass to the gatehouse. The gatehouse operates 24 hours a day.


Places are limited to 10 spaces at any one time so please be aware that you are not guaranteed a space and that Security Staff will turn you away if you are not registered or if there are already 10 spaces filled.


This is an exciting opportunity for local people and the Parish Plan Group and Parish Council hope that you will enjoy using this new service – a real example of integrated transport and a positive collaboration with an important local business community.


To register your details, please contact the Parish Clerk, Laura Edwards with your name, full address and car registration number by emailing laura.edwards@claxtonandsandhuttonparishcouncil.co.uk


Or write to the Parish Clerk at Hillmaur Crest, Whinny Lane, Claxton, YO60 7RZ with those details.